Linkshells are community groups similar to 'clans' or 'guilds' in other games. An item called a Linkshell is purchased by a player from an NPC (see below). This shell then allows the player to make Link Pearls. These can be given out to other players which then get them into your Linkshell.

There are some rules however, with FFXIV unlike FFXI, you can have more than one linkshell equipped and getting chat from at a time.

  • can have up to 8 linkshells
  • maximum of 128 members
  • you can invite a player without physically trading a pearl

Create a LinkshellEdit

You must purchase a Linkshell from one of the following NPCs:

You must first name the linkshell, using 3 to 31 characters. You can use spaces in the name. (IE: Moogle Rush)

Linkshell Crest
Linkshell Crest Colors1
Once named, you pick a Crest. These can be changed whenever you want, so don't stress out about this too much. You also have full control over the color as shown below.

Running a Linkshell Edit

A Linkshell has members, leaders, and masters. A Master is the person that controls the linkshell. They are also the ones that promote members to leaders. They also have the ability to change the crest and color of the linkshell.

A Master can:

  • Disband the Linkshell
  • Change Color or Crest (or both)
  • Invite new members
  • Promote members to leaders or demote leaders to members.
  • Kick members from the linkshell

A Leader can:

  • Invite new members
  • Kick members from the linkshell

One thing that changed from FFXI, is that linkshells no longer take up inventory slots. Because of this, you also can't have more than one pearl of the same linkshell, which makes it impossible for people to be sneaky and keep a second pearl after they are kicked.

Chatting in a LinkshellEdit

When you are a member of a linkshell, you can have up to 8 total. They will appear as numbers 1 thru 8 in the chat. To switch linkshells, you have to go to the [main menu]. Select [Linkshell] and pick your linkshell. This is also how you can remove a linkshell, and display members.

To chat you can do one of the following:

  • /l YourTextHere -- This will send "YourTextHere" to your linkshell thats currently used/equipped.
  • /cm l -- This will set chatmode to Linkshell, which will allow you to just hit enter and type to chat with the entire group.